Why you should consider concrete pumping for your construction

For many years, concrete wasn't seen as a very nice material. It was associated in many people's minds with multi-storey car parks and bland apartment blogs. However, in recent years, concrete has undergone something of a revival. This is thanks to people like me, people who can see what a beautiful and useful material concrete is. I designed my dream home using a poured concrete shell and it was a massive success. I called in the best contractors I could find and they really offered all the help and advice I could ask for. I am so please with my new concrete home.

Why you should consider concrete pumping for your construction

29 April 2019
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Concrete pumping is a process whereby liquid concrete is pumped onto a surface mainly to fill empty gaps. This later dries up to create a slab. Below are some of the benefits of concrete pumping

Faster concrete placement

In the construction industry time is a limiting factor. The lesser the time used to pour concrete the better for the construction company. Usually, there are set schedules that should be met within the time given if the company is to make good progress at all. Using a concrete pumping method will ensure that the placement of slabs is done quicker hence completing the project within the set deadlines.

Less labour

Without a concrete pump, this would mean more workforce hence congestion at work to which could turn out to be catastrophic especially where machinery is used. When concrete pumping is utilised, the level of resources used in the project is reduced plus the number of workers required in the field hence reducing the total cost of labour. This way, key personnel can be allocated to the crucial tasks when concrete pumping is used. Concrete pumping is an automated method that beats the old ones where men would have to mix and pour the concrete at desired locations. Less labour is required because pumps are even able to reach top floors and pour for the entire level without the need for extra hands on deck, unlike the old mix and pour method where only a small amount of concrete is placed at a time.

Improved quality

Unlike human labour, when concrete pumping is involved, you are assured of quality structures that are less prone to shrinking and cracks. When it comes to constructions especially with massive projects, quality slabs are required for the structure to stand firm. Using pumps would mean that concrete is delivered evenly and that there are fewer delays to the project, therefore, resulting in a more remarkable finish. This creates a durable building where maintenance is less required hence saving you some coins, and the company is also able to take on other projects and increase their service sales.


Are you working on a project and would like it completed with the shortest time possible? Try contacting concrete contractors for a more accurate and impressive project outcome. Working with professionals will help you cut the cost of labour and assure you of quality services. They will also help you achieve your goals within the shortest time possible with their strict work schedules hence saving you on time and money.