Brick Restoration: Three Indispensable Tips for Repairing Your Walls

For many years, concrete wasn't seen as a very nice material. It was associated in many people's minds with multi-storey car parks and bland apartment blogs. However, in recent years, concrete has undergone something of a revival. This is thanks to people like me, people who can see what a beautiful and useful material concrete is. I designed my dream home using a poured concrete shell and it was a massive success. I called in the best contractors I could find and they really offered all the help and advice I could ask for. I am so please with my new concrete home.

Brick Restoration: Three Indispensable Tips for Repairing Your Walls

23 September 2020
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If your brick walls are in a poor state, you should plan for restoration. In general, bricks are long-lasting building materials, but they are not indestructible or everlasting. Over time, the surfaces will lose their original appearance due to general fading and staining. Also, the mortar between the bricks may crumble. In addition, cracks might appear in the wall. If this is the case in your home, you should engage a qualified contractor to handle the repairs. However, there are some small issues that you can repair without professional help. Here are some simple tips for minor brick restoration.

Plan for Cleaning

The appeal of brick walls often declines due to the accumulation of dust and grime. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for regular cleaning sessions. Good housekeeping will also prevent deterioration of the structure, allow for a thorough inspection and increase the general value of your home. The right cleaning approach will depend on the current state of the surface. In most cases, scrubbing the walls using some water mixed with bleach will ensure good results. You can also use acidic cleaners to eliminate stubborn stains. Regardless of the product used, ensure that you rinse the walls thoroughly. If you would like to use a pressure washer for the cleaning process, you should control the pressure to prevent etching and other forms of damage.

Consider Sandblasting

If your brick walls have been neglected for years, it will be difficult to restore their appearance through simple cleaning. The porous nature of the bricks often results in surface staining. For instance, it is not uncommon to find these walls with efflorescence. If this form of deposit was neglected after the initial appearance, there will be significant discolouration of your walls. It is advisable to consider sandblasting if this problem exists in your home. The use of abrasive media will scrape off the compromised layer of the brick, leaving a fresh and appealing surface. When preparing for the blasting process, you should acquire protective wear such as safety goggles, masks and work gloves for personal safety.

Repair the Joints

Finally, brick walls should be inspected regularly for damaged joints, and the issue should be repaired immediately. This problem can be attributed to the crumbling and loss of the mortar installed in the structure. Therefore, if you would like to conduct repairs, you will only need to remove the damaged material and apply fresh mortar. If the mortar damage is extensive in your structure, you should engage a professional for complete restoration of your structure.

To learn more, contact a company that offers brick restoration services.